Welcome to the Potluck Society! I'm your host, Hugh Weber, and I’m so glad you’re here.

This week we jump into the art of asking powerful question and hosting conversations that matter with two fo the nation's premier conversation hosts, Joe Bartmann (Montrose, SD) and Ashley Hanson (Boulder, CO). 

Joe Bartmann is the Vice President of Community Innovation for Dakota Resources (Renner, SD) and describes himself as a conversation host, a process designer and a community coach for the people of the Prairie. 

Ashley Hanson is co-founder of PlaceBase Productions, which works with rural communities to tell their stories through original, community-driven, site-specific musicals. She recently completed a cross-country documentary art project called Public Transformation, which is highlighting the work rural-based artists and arts organizations are doing to make their communities a more vibrant, healthy, connected place to live.

Show notes:

The water sounds during "reflection time" are provided by the Sioux Falls.

Organizations mentioned by Ashley are: Springboard For the Arts, Art of the Rural, and Creative Exchange.

Listen here:



Photo above by Kylee Leonetti.